BioEnergy RiaGev-SR 90 Tablets

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RIAGEV®-SR™ (sustained release) is ideal for adults who want nutritional support for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) production and cognitive function as they age.* 

Featuring two key ingredients for healthy aging, Bioenergy Ribose® and niacinamide, to form a superior NAD booster because it enters the NAD biosynthetic pathway directly. 

RIAGEV®-SR™ provides 760mg of RiaGev in a unique wax matrix sustained-release tablet that releases nutrients slowly over 5-7 hours, mimicking digestion. 

Our bodies’ production of NAD, a coenzyme and essential metabolite in all our cells, decreases by 50% between ages 40-60, negatively impacting healthy cell production and longevity. NAD is crucial for cellular metabolism and energy production, mitochondrial health, and DNA repair and recovery in a health crisis. 

Increased NAD and healthy mitochondria help slow the aging process, reduce age-related cognitive decline, and prevent cellular damage from free radicals