Miracle Elixir Oil 1 oz

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This botanical elixir for skin and hair contains a synergistic blend of Moringa oil and Sacha Inchi oil. By pairing Moringa oil's skin healing properties and high oleic acid content (also found in Olive oil known for healthy Mediterranean skin), with the high omega 3 content of the Sacha inchi plant, this elixir provides a much needed, healing tonic for stressed skin and hair. This oil combination is ideal for helping signs of ageing, redness, and dryness of face, hands, and hair. With continued use, this elixir has the potential to positively impact persistent skin issues.

• Supplies omega 3s, known to revitalize skin cells
• Helps reduces free radical damage for younger looking skin
• Gives skin a radiant, healthy glow
• Plumps skin, for youthful look
• Helps with dry, damaged hair
• Great for dry chapped lips and hands
• Botanicals with strong healing properties for all skin types
• Great after shave
• Removes makeup and mascara without chemicals
• Absorbs quickly